Last weekend we had the absolute pleasure of being a part of the annual Andamooka Camp Oven Cook Out. The event has been running for 6 years and features some of the best tucker made in the most Aussie way, on the camp fire. 

Charlie and I were asked to cook the vegetarian dish for the night (Kurt you made a lasting impact here) and we had a little freak out as we don't own a camp oven (shock horror). Staffy (long time Andamooka resident and all round great bloke) quickly rectified the situation by purchasing us a magnificent camp oven for an absolute bargain and after closing the shop we we headed over, vegetables in hand to take part in one of the biggest cook ups (I have) ever seen!

18 camp ovens bubbling away on a long line of coals, was the first thing we saw as we approached the old cottages, excitement set in. To the smell of curries and pulled pork, we found our own section of hot coals and joined the crew of cookers and onlookers. 

Bill, Staffy, Nugget, Wog, Crowey, Smurf and Tim talked us through the intricacies of camp oven cooking. As the rookies of the group, we gratefully took on their advice, when it came to stirring, tasting and heating our vegetable curry. After many a beer and tall story, it came time to eat and the camp ovens were paraded to the eating area. 

With Terri holding her iPhone torch as high as she could, for maximum light, the feast began. 

We ate like kings that night and then went back for seconds and some went back for thirds. Then the desserts were brought out and the Malt Wine.  We went home while we could still walk but the festivities carried on late into the night. For a small desert town, these folk sure know how to have a fancy feast and put on a party! 

A huge thanks to all the legends that organised this amazing event. With all proceeds going to charity this Camp Oven Cook Out is defiantly one for next year's diary.