Timeless. Elegant. Simplistic. 

These are the words that guide us when we are designing our Andamooka Opal collections. Our gorgeous ring designs fuse classic elegance with modern simplicity; reflecting the beautiful women that wear them. We work very closely with our local jeweller to ensure quality and that the upmost care is taken with our beautiful Andamooka Opal. Once our rings have arrived from the workshop they are such a delight to behold. When the sun hits the rose gold, and the gems it holds, you can see all the colours of the rainbow. 

To live amongst the opals mines, that these magical jewels come from and then see them as a finished product, gives us such joy. The contrast between the dust and desert scape, where these beauties are buried,  reminds us of the long journey each opal has taken to get to their owners hands. Its nice to be reminded of this process each time we step outside and see the pastel mullock heaps that surround our home in Andamooka. 

We hope this collection radiates beauty, warmth and our appreciation of the magical and unique place we now call our home. 

All rings are available in store at the Andamooka Yacht club.