2017 & BEYOND

The AYC lives on! When we first made the big move from the city to the desert we were full of energy and excitement for the unknown. Neither of us had lived in such a small town before, nor had we lived more than 500km from the nearest killer cafe, Bunnings or Ikea. The desert has taught us so much about so much. There’s been trials and tribulations, lots of blood, sweat and tears (literally) and we are absolutely stoked with what we have achieved, what we have learnt, and where that has lead us to in the future.

It is time that we make tracks in the red sand of the desert and head for the leafy jungle of Tasmania - from one extreme to another. We are moving to a small town called Goulds Country at the base of the Blue Tier mountain. Its lush and beautiful, and full of rain, giant ferns and mountain bike trials. We have a nice piece of land hidden amongst trees and divided by a stream. We have big plans. 

As for the Andamooka Yacht Club - our baby, our first business, our dream that was brought to life - we can’t just leave him in the hands of just anyone. Our friends, Pip and Charlie, are from home and have been captivated by Andamooka as much as when we first laid eyes on this dreamy oasis. They have lived with us in town for over a month, working in the shop and exploring the surrounds. During this time we have taught them everything we know about making the AYC what it is, and we think they’re ready to take the wheel and lead it into the future. These two love birds will be reopening the Andamooka Yacht Club in early February next year as new owners. We will still be as much a part of it as they will allow us, like new parents handing over their child to their first babysitter - except this time, it’s for real. 

We don’t want to say ‘we wish them all the best, good luck with it all’ because we know they’re going to kill it. You guys are going to love them and the things they have install for the AYC. So don’t be shy, fill your tank, hit the highway, and come say hi.