After travelling abroad, Pip and Charlie, a young couple from NSW,  decided to explore the vast landscape that they call home, Australia. Packing everything into their troop carrier (including Shultz, their adorable sausage dog), they set off on an epic journey that took them to The Whitsundays, The Daintree Rainforest, Cape York and through the guts of Australia.

“When we were overseas we kept running into people who had travelled Australia. They showed us so many epic photos of a side of Australia that we didn't know and we were totally intrigued!” said Charlie. 

The idea behind the open ended trip was to explore, appreciate and find a new and interesting place to call home for a while. And find a home they did; in a very unexpected way. 

Whilst Pip and Charlie were exploring Uluru in Central Australia, they decided to contact two friends who were currently living in Andamooka; a beautiful ramshackle opal mining town with a population of two hundred people south east of Coober Pedy. Their friends, Kurt and Till had (in 2015) opened a tourism hub, featuring a cafe and gallery curiously naming it Andamooka Yacht Club.

Pip and Charlie were immediately intrigued by the opal mining town and The Andamooka Yacht Club. They found themselves drawn to the cosy space and their stay extended from days to weeks. After many a fabulous meal Kurt and Till revealed that they were both interested in setting up another business in Tasmania and that would mean them stepping away from the Andamooka Yacht Club. 

It seemed that the perfect opportunity arose between long term friends. In the new year, Pip and Charlie will be returning to open and run the Andamooka Yacht Club. 

“We are very excited for the opportunity to run a beautiful cafe in such a magical setting. Kurt and Till have put so much of themselves into this place and it really shows. We know we have big shoes to fill, but we are definitely up for the challenge” said Pip.