Andamooka Yacht Club is an innovative new tourism hub, featuring a cafe,  gallery and community space, set in the moonscape surrounds of one of Australia's oldest opal mining towns, Andamooka.  

Andamooka is home to a population of 450; a culturally diverse cluster of opal miners, metal-smiths and desert-dreamers. It is located 28km off the Stuart Highway and 600km North of Adelaide.

The Andamooka Yacht Club is a space that is used by locals and travellers alike. Surrounded by desert and dugouts this cafe and community hub features the work of artists, metal-smiths and jewellers and is an oasis in the desert. Local opal is on display and for those adventurous souls; a map of the town and surrounding points of interest is available on request.  

The AYC is available for catering, private events and creative collaborations.

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0418 505 553 / 0408 621 228


118 Government Road, Community Hall,
Andamooka 5722


Tues-Sat 9–3
Sun 10–3
Mon Closed

holiday schedule

2nd Dec 2017 - 25th Jan 2018



Lauren Webster (@laurenlostboys) is a Sydney based artist whose dreamy artworks inspire a sense of stepping into the wild wild west. We are lucky enough to have a one of a kind mural painted by Lauren in the Andamooka Yacht Club. Framed art works are also available online and in the cafe. Photos courtesy of Lauren Webster. 



Lachlan Van Balen (@lachs_got_wood) is a Hunter Valley artist who sustainably sources Australian Cedar to create beautiful hand crafted utensils that embody craftsmanship and tradition. Using his Grandfather's chisels and Scandinavion wood carving knives, Lachlan's designs slowly begin to take shape as he revels in this mediative process. The Andamooka Yacht Club have some of Lachlan's latest hand crafted utensils and they are available for purchase in the cafe. Photos courtesy of Lachlan Van Balen. 



Maddy Ritchie (@maddy_ritchie) is a Sydney based artist who works in design, photography and typography art. Maddy's artworks are whimsical and reflect her love of travel and living abroad. Framed art works printed by Maddy are available at the Andamooka Yacht Club.

- Andamooka -

Andamooka is Australia’s original opal mining town, a small place that grew along a dry sandy riverbed. The town was established in 1930 and continues to produce opal that is considered by experts to be the most stable in the world. One of the largest and most famous opal stones was mined in Andamooka and presented to Queen Elizabeth II on her first state visit in 1954. 

The country surrounding the township consists of rocky outcrops, sand hills and flat dry clay pans. East of Andamooka is Lake Torrens, where opalised shells and bones of ancient creatures are still being brought to the surface, including the giant plesiosaurus. Andamooka lies 591km North of Adelaide, and 34km from the BHP mining town of Roxby Downs. Visitors can fly into Olympic Dam airport direct from Adelaide

The Andamooka Yacht Club is located behind the Andamooka Community Hall and its outdoor dining area is surrounded by the Andamooka Community Garden. Out the front of the hall is a free interactive splash pad for children and adults alike. These additional community spaces encourage a sense of ownership around the cafe and this helps customers to get a real feel for the local people and the area. 


Call us: 0418 505 553 / 0408 621 228

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Visit us: Andamooka Community Hall, 118 Government Road, Andamooka 5722